An aggressive, skilled, hard-charging scenario paint ball team based out of Washington, DC, Capital Offense travels along the East Coast and beyond focused on 24-hour games. Players hail from the Washington, DC/Northern Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey areas. We’re made up of current and former military, professionals and students.

In addition, Team Capital Offense often operates similar to an umbrella group structure. We have people in various parts around the East Coast, all playing semi-independently in their area, but reporting to a centralized organizational structure. This way, members of Capital Offense can be recognized on a larger scale by attending more games across the country - even several games at the same time. We are always on the lookout to start new divisions.

As a team, Capital Offense wants to provide a positive example to new players entering the sport and to enhance the enjoyment for veteran players at scenario events. Players adhere to good sportsmanship and fair play, while keeping a dedicated and intense focus on winning. The Team’s practices focus on the fundamentals of aggressive, tournament-style play and apply them to the context of woods-ball games.


1. Robert “Woodboss” Cox
2. Lou Munoz
3. Mike Smith
4. Abbie Smith
5. Alex “Moses” Swire-Clark
6. Tommy “Chocolate Thunder” Rush
7. Chris “Rhino” Cleary
8. James “Cookie” Bensinger
9. Robby Shaul
10. Ben “BAMF” Shaul
11. Zach “Bishop” Edwards
12. Carl Silverlock
13. Dwayne Humphries
14. Jon “Fonzy” Fazio
15. Jason “Foolybear” Lineberger
16. Lisa “Princess” Thompson
17. David Thompson
18. Aaron “Skee” Chudosky
19. Will Berry
20. Chris “Big Dog” Vara
21. Nick “Bull” Toro
22. Bill Steinman
23. David A. Thompson
24. Chris George
25. Andy Dornhecker
26. Kenny Dornhecker